Oathbringer (Stormlight Archive #3)
Author:Brandon Sanderson
Series:The Stormlight Archive
Snow Crash
Author:Neal Stephenson
Neuromancer (#1 Neuromancer)
Author:William Gibson
Series:The Neuromancer Trilogy
The Waste Lands (The Dark Tower #3)
Author:Stephen King
Series:The\Dark Tower Ser.
Reading Level:General Adult
The Name of the Wind (#1 The Kingkiller Chronicle)
Author:Patrick Rothfuss
Series:Kingkiller Chronicles
Reading Level:good
Black Leopard, Red Wolf (Dark Star #1)
Author:Marlon James
Series:Dark Star Trilogy
Author:Ernest Cline
The Last Days of New Paris
Author:China MiƩville
Fool's Quest (Fitz and the Fool #2)
Author:Robin Hobb
Series:Fitz and the Fool
The Water Cure
Author:Sophie Mackintosh
Reading Level:1 Fiction
Abaddon's Gate (#3 Expanse)
Author:James S. A. Corey
Series:Expanse Ser.
Nemesis Games (#5 Expanse)
Author:James S. A. Corey
Series:Expanse Ser.