That Sugar Book
Author:Damon Gameau
Pretty Unhealthy: Why Our Obsession with Looking Healthy Is Making Us Sick
Author:Nikki Stamp
Reading Level:4 Non Fiction
Super Green Super Easy
Author:Sally Obermeder; Maha Corbett
The Herbal Remedy Handbook
Author:Kim Walker; Vicky Chown
Pretty As a Peach: Beauty Balms, Cleaners and Concoctions for Natural Radiance
Author:Arielle (ILT) Susie; Gamble Janet; Prichard-casey Hayward
The Fit Foodie Meal Prep Plan: Easy Steps to Fill Your Fridge for the Week
Author:Sally O'Neil
Reading Level:5 Cooking
The Fast Diet: Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, Live Longer (Revised)
Author:Michael Mosley; Mimi Spencer
Reading Level:very good
What the Fat? (WTF?) Recipes: Low-carb, Healthy-fat Cooking
Author:Grant Schofield; Caryn Zinn; Craig Rodger